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How Meeting Room Schedule Displays Elevate Your Office Branding

In this article, we explore how room schedule displays can enhance the visual appeal and branding of your workplace, while also making the day-to-day experience a bit smoother for employees and visitors.


In today’s business environment, having an office that reflects the company’s branding is essential. Office branding not only physically represents an organization’s identity, but also plays a crucial role in shaping the experience of employees, clients, and visitors.

A forward-thinking way to enhance office branding is to have room schedule displays outside each conference room. These digital screens, which show upcoming reservations for meeting rooms, can be customized to seamlessly blend into your branded workspace’s aesthetic.

In this post, we’ll explore how room schedule displays can help any organization elevate its office branding.

What is office branding?

Office branding basically involves the use of design elements such as colors, logos, and other visual cues to create a distinctive identity for your workplace. A well-branded office environment increases employee experience (EX), which impacts general motivation and productivity for the organization’s employees. Equally important, it makes a positive impression on clients and visitors. By consistently showcasing your brand across various touchpoints within the office, you create a workplace that embodies your company’s brand identity.

What are room schedule displays?

Room schedule displays are digital screens placed outside conference rooms that show real-time availability, upcoming reservations, and other relevant information. These displays help streamline room booking processes, reduce scheduling conflicts, and enhance overall workplace efficiency. Beyond their functional benefits, room schedule displays offer a unique opportunity to reinforce your office branding through their customizable design.

So, how can room schedule displays elevate office branding?

When adding schedule displays into a workplace, they enhance overall branding in several ways:

Customizable UI

The most impactful feature for branding in modern room schedule displays is the ability to customize the UI design. Apply customized background images that convey your company’s unique branding aesthetic, whether it’s a sleek modern look or a vibrant, creative vibe. Additionally, displaying your organization’s logo on these screens ensures that every touchpoint within your office space is branded, enhancing brand recognition and consistency. It’s also possible to set a unique design for each bookable meeting room, further elevating the look of the office. For a successful design, it’s advantageous to have a naming and branding convention for each room that amplifies the organization’s products, locations, or other common factors.

Consistency across office spaces and locations

Uniformity and repetition are key for branding. By using room schedule displays with consistent design elements across all meeting rooms, you create a cohesive visual experience. This consistency not only looks professional but also makes it easier for employees and visitors to navigate the office space, reinforcing the corporate identity.

Enhancing professionalism and visual appeal

Many modern workspaces have evolved from stereotypical, uninspiring clusters of cubicles into environments where employees feel energized and motivated. Branded room schedule displays that align with company identity add a sense of professionalism and polish to office spaces. These displays can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your office, making it a more inviting and impressive space for employees and visitors alike.

Practical benefits of room schedule displays

Frank Lloyd Wright once said, “Form follows function—that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union.” A great product should not only bring aesthetics to the table but also provide functionality that makes the day smoother for employees and visitors. Here are the main practical benefits:

Improved navigation and user experience

Premium room schedule displays can show indoor maps of floor plans, making it easy for employees and visitors to locate where they need to go. When each room’s display is easily recognizable and consistent with the overall office branding, employees and visitors can navigate the space more efficiently, leading to a smoother user experience.

Eliminate room booking conflicts

As most people who have worked in a busy office will agree, room booking conflicts are a common issue. Without a clear indication of room occupancy, employees may mistakenly take a room that appears to be free or forget to make a formal reservation. This often leads to scheduling clashes and disrupted meetings. Room schedule displays can solve this problem by providing real-time updates on room availability, ensuring that everyone is aware of which rooms are booked and which are open, thus significantly reducing the chances of booking conflicts.

Reducing no-shows

Statistics show that over 30% of an organization’s booked meetings never actually take place. In modern workplaces, changing plans and shifting priorities often lead to unused reservations, which are not always updated to reflect these changes. This results in wasted resources and lost opportunities for others. Implementing a system where users must check in to their reserved meetings can help address this issue. If a user fails to check in, the reservation is automatically canceled, making the room available for others to use.

Implementation tips for room schedule displays

We know from experience, by working with hundreds of clients seeking to improve their workplaces, that it’s difficult to find a solution that fits the unique requirements of their organization. Here are our tips for how to succeed:

Choosing the right technology

If branding is important, actively search for room schedule display software with features such as customizable UIs, seamless integration with existing office management systems, and reliable performance. Consider reputable vendors known for offering quality solutions that can be tailored to your branding needs.

Design best practices

Effective design is crucial for room schedule displays to provide value for employees. Ensure that the software is based on modern design principles, allowing users to intuitively handle it while being visually appealing, maintaining readability and clarity. Use high-resolution images for backgrounds and ensure their contrast and color scheme match the UI of the software.

Integration with existing systems

Ensure that employees can make reservations smoothly by ensuring that the software platform integrates with the organization’s email provider (in most cases, this would be either a local Exchange server, Microsoft 365, or Google Workspaces). Seamless integration with the existing email provider allows for real-time updates and synchronization, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of room booking processes.

Final tips for enhancing your office branding

Room schedule displays have a unique position in that they are highly visible in the office. Designer chairs and other signature pieces can easily be overlooked, but both employees and visitors will notice digital displays mounted outside meeting rooms. By choosing a modern solution for room schedule displays, your workplace will get a boost in terms of improved branding cohesion, indoor navigation, and employee experience, which all reinforce the company identity and culture.

Ready to take your office branding to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about how room schedule displays can transform your workspace.

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