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Desk Booking

Hybrid work isn’t possible without a powerful desk booking tool. From the start, use Goget’s map-centric, smart desk management features to boost productivity and make the day at the office easier.

Take control of your seating arrangements wherever you are, on the go or via desktop.

People in an office using the desk booking feature in Goget's workspace management platform.
A laptop and smartphone running Goget's desk booking software. The laptop shows the map view and the smart phone the booking process.

Maximize Your Hybrid Workflow with Smart Desk Management

Managing a hybrid work environment can be challenging, especially when it comes to trying to right-size the office amid constantly fluctuating demand for office resources such as desks. That’s where a desk booking solution comes in.

Desk booking can help to deflect a forest of empty desks by ensuring that all available desks are used efficiently and effectively. With desk management, you can easily coordinate your schedule and collaborate with others, which can help to smooth out your workflow and minimize disruptions.
Connecting people with desks and each other

Desk Management

Hybrid work isn’t possible without a powerful desk booking tool. From the start, use Goget’s map-centric, smart desk management features to boost productivity and make the day at the office easier. Take control of your seating arrangements wherever you are, on the go or via desktop.

Check who's in, spotlight teammates & reserve your nearby desk.
Reserve desks via mobile & desktop

The Benefits

Different features in Goget's desk booking such as QR-check in, the option to block desks from being booked and to assign a desk to a user.


Our feature-packed desk booking provides a premier experience for any use case. With every detail carefully considered, trust GOGET to deliver a superior workspace experience.

A woman using GoGet's capable desk booking solution for easy on-site coordination.


GOGET simplifies on-site coordination, allowing your team to focus on their work without being distracted by the practicalities. Try it out now and see how seamless desk booking can be!

A woman using Goget's desk booking solution for effortless administration.


Our desk booking software is designed with both users and admins in mind, providing effortless administration and an easy-to-use interface. Our relentless focus on ease-of-use will surprise you with its simplicity and efficiency.

The data & insights feature of Goget's desk booking system, showing users their reservation behavior and the organizations desk reservations funnel.


Make informed decisions with industry-leading analytics. Our data-driven insights provide the decision support, while the sleek design and ease of use speak to your heart. Choose GOGET for both emotional and logical satisfaction.

Be seated for success — our desk reservation software

Power features


Automate with QR scenarios

Automate desk reservation flows with our in-app QR scan feature. Scan exported or visually streamed QR codes on desks for easy check-in, with or without the need for physical presence. Streamline your office’s desk reservation process today!

Intelligent reservation flows

Find what you need with ease

Experience effortless desk reservations with our intelligent in-app flow! Find the perfect desk with our list views, location-based search, and filter options for desk capabilities


Spotlight coworkers & book nearby desks

Are you looking to book a desk near your team? Simply select the coworkers you want to sit near, and we’ll show you a list of available desks in their proximity. It’s a great way to stay connected and boost productivity, all while enjoying the benefits of a flexible and modern workspace.

People insights (coming soon)

Attendance insights and more

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with people attendance insights. Our powerful forecasting tool helps companies with workforce rebalancing by predicting attendance and providing detailed statistics on attendance status.

Organize visually

Arrange desks into pods and more - freely

Experience freedom in organizing your workspaces with our free-form location-based structure. Create desk pods or any other arrangements that work best for your team. Maximize productivity with our flexible layout options.

Planning tools

Manage seating arrangements

Manage seating arrangement easily with our assigned desk and blocked desk features. With our map views and markers, you can effortlessly plan and make changes to your workspace, to adapt and deploy office layout changes in real-time.

Be seated for success — our desk reservation software

Resource Planning

Feature spotlight

Map View

Experience a streamlined booking process with Goget’s intuitive map-centric approach. Interactive map views with live status markers, location navigation, and detailed booking options simplify the process of finding and reserving a spot for yourself or your team, whether it’s a stand-alone desk or a desk pod. Book with ease, knowing exactly who is in and when, by leveraging real-time data. Plus, with privacy options, users can be confident.
An interactive map view of an office floor, where the user easily can find and see the location for bookable rooms and desks.

Additional features

More ways to manage desk bookings

Desk management

Unleash the power of convenience and flexibility with GOGET’s platform. Our powerful multi-level API-integrations allow you to manage your desk reservations from anywhere and across multiple products. Experience effortless control and planning with GOGET, and make scheduling your office visit a breeze.

On the go

Elevate productivity on-the-go with our mobile app for iOS & Android. It offers a variety of desk booking solutions, including the ability to find and reserve suitable desks, navigate maps, spotlight teammates and confirm attendance.

via Room panels
Room Display X

Maximize office efficiency with our desk management system, integrated into room booking panels. View real-time desk availability on interactive maps and reserve a spot with just a scan of a QR code using our mobile app.

Centralized screens
Wayfinder with desk capabilities

Easily navigate your office and find the perfect desk with Wayfinder X’s integrated desk support. Check real-time desk availability on interactive maps, and reserve your spot with a quick QR scan using our mobile app for authenticated reservations.

Optimize your workforce and boost productivity with desk insights.

Drive better decisions with desk insights

Unlock the power of data with desk Insights. Gain valuable insights into desk usage patterns and optimize your workforce rebalancing strategies to improve productivity and reduce costs.
Desk booking

Available on plans:


For companies who want control over their workplace.


For enterprises who needs more capacity across multiple locations.
User – Mobile/Web DashboardBusiness/Pro
Location based search (by company, site, building, floor, zone)
Find & spotlight co-workers, incl map view
Highlight my desk
Find nearby desks
QR Scan to reserve
QR scan to check-in
Check-in time window 1-4h
Push notifications – reminders
Filter tags
Personal company calendar integration
iOS & Android apps
Admin – Web Dashboard
Advanced desk insights
Block desk
Assign desk
Free-form location based structure
Interactive map view
Schedule only during work hours
Flex + hot desks
Desk hoteling
Manage (desk) users
Check-in required on/off
Download QR-codes

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  • How can Desk management improve your hybrid workplace?

    For a hybrid workplace, where every employee does not have their own assigned desk, desk management is critical to ensure efficient use and bookings of your office space. Without it you risk loss of productivity when employees come it to the office and cannot find an available desk to work at. Desk management can also eliminate the conflicts that can arise from a system with reservation less unassigned desks, where frustration may arise due to competition for the best spots and the failure to find a desk next to your teammates.

    In addition, with the help of a desk management software, you can block some desks from being booked or assigned them to a certain people, such as external consultants, who may need them for an extended period of time.

  • What is the difference between hot desking and Desk hoteling?

    Hot desking is a reservation-free system that provides unassigned desks for employees to use on a first-come, first-served basis. This method is most commonly used when employees need a desk for a short period of time.

    Desk hoteling is a system in which unassigned desks must be reserved in advance, typically through a desk booking system. This system is often used when employees need a desk for a longer period of time and team members need to be able to book desks next to each other.

  • What should I look for in a Desk booking software?

    There are several factors to consider when choosing a desk booking software such as user friendliness and ease of implementation. Other important factors are if the software allows you to customize and configure the system to fit your specific needs, such as setting maximum booking lengths or blocking off certain times or desks. In addition, it should integrate easily with your other systems such as calendar and email and give users the option to book a desk through many different channels such as smart phones, tablets, and computers.

    The last thing to consider is if the users can choose if they are searchable in the dashboard and can be found on office maps, which it easy for their colleagues and team mates to quickly find them when they need to collaborate. This feature should include the option for user to change their status such as “in the office”, “working remotely” or “on vacation”.

  • Why do you need a Desk booking software?

    Firstly, a desk booking software can help organizations to support remote work by allowing employees to book desks or meeting rooms when they need them, rather than requiring them to be in the office all the time. Secondly, it can help to foster collaboration by allowing employees to book desks or meeting rooms near their colleagues or in areas that are conducive to teamwork.

    In addition, a good desk booking software will help you optimize the use of your office space and desks. Since most desk booking software also provides the users with data and insight on how their desks and office space is used, they can also give you decision support to rightsize your office based on utilization data. A desk booking software will give your employees an overview of your office spaces and see when and where desks are available, helping to prevent unnecessary commuting when all desks are occupied.

  • What is Desk Management?

    Desk management refers to the use and booking of desks in an office, such as fixed desks, bookable desks, and hot desks. This is typically done using a desk booking software that allows users to book desks from their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Many desk booking software also provide an overview of the office space, showing which desks are available and where and when team members have booked a desk. To improve efficiency and the user experience, desk management can be combined with QR codes on the desks that allow users to quickly check the status and book a desk by scanning the code.


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