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Room Display X is an essential room booking software for any organization looking to streamline its room scheduling and improve its overall productivity.

Two conference rooms with meeting room displays mounted outside that show their availability status.
Desktop & mobile
GoGet's meeting room display Goget One running the intuitive and user-friendly room booking app Room Display X.
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Our relentless focus on the user experience is reflected in our commitment to effortless usage. For us, effortless usage means a room booking software designed to be intuitive and easy to manage, and a user-friendly interface that requires minimal training and setup.

With Goget’s room booking application Room Display X, users can easily schedule and manage meetings with minimal effort and hassle. As a result, the software is an invaluable tool for organizations looking to improve the efficiency and productivity of their meetings and spaces.

Pioneering meeting room booking

Room Display X

The all-new Room Display X is a pioneering room booking software like no other – changing the way organizations manage their meeting spaces. With its innovative features and sassy design, Room Display X treads its own path into a new era of workspace management.

The benefits of using Room Display X

GoGet's workspace platform can be integrated with Office 365, Google Workspaces, Teams, Exchange and Outlook.

Powerful integrations

Syncs & integrates with room calendars in Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 so people can enjoy their normal routines when booking in Office 365, Outlook & Teams.

A meeting room display with a dynamic user interface where the user can see the meeting attendees.

Dynamic UI/UX

Designed with the admin in mind. Levering the latest and greatest in technology development in our relentless focus on ease of use, which translates into more time and money for other things.

The easy to configure toggle switches of the maps, check-ins, and signage features in the admin dashboard.


Software and hardware designed together, to ensure a great experience in all parts. Pushing the limits to what is possible.

An interactive flowchart showing the bookings of meeting rooms and desks.

Elevated intelligence

Balancing emotion and rationale, our products appeal to your heart with their beauty while data confirms your choice. Our solutions help you right-size your office space and drive better performance.

Up-close with Room Display X

Easy to use

Advanced when you need

Experience enhanced productivity with Room Display X software’s intelligent features, designed to simplify your workday. Whether you need to optimize facility utilization or streamline your operations, Room Display X is the perfect tool for the job.
Employee experience

Power features

Unlike other brands that overpromise and underdeliver, GOGET does the opposite. Our software delivers on its promises and more, boasting several industry-first core features.

Require Check-ins

Automate to free-up unused spaces

Improve the efficiency of your meeting spaces by enabling reservation check-ins and automate no-shows cancellation, allowing others to book otherwise unused spaces. The system can even calculate how much time and cost has been recovered – we call this meeting recuperation.


Report & resolve issues

Report and resolve errors directly from the panel. Faulty equipment icons will be red until issues are resolved. Admins will receive status email reports with details incl room, reporter name and faulty equipment.

A personal touch

Avatars + response status

See who’s attending in real time. Room Display X’s advanced integrations will add a personal touch to your room panel – a subtle but important detail that makes a difference!

Week & day views

See weekly & daily schedules

Get a quick overview of room availability thanks to Room Display X’s unique week & day views. Scroll through weeks and book directly up to 4 weeks in advance.

Nearby rooms

Find other meeting spaces

See and manage bookings for other rooms in the office, right at the display. Find and filter rooms based on capabilities and seating capacity.


Add calendar integrations as you need

Support for multiple Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 calendar integrations in one account. Enjoy full flexibility to book across tenants, including across calendar providers thanks to GOGET’s agnostic room booking capabilities. No server software is required.

Organize visually

Manage room locations freely

Thanks to the platform’s unique location-based workspace structuring system, rooms can be organized freely to exactly match your location structure, allowing for effortless structuring, ease-of-navigation, and management of meeting spaces for admins and employees.

Central admin portal

Advanced remote management

Manage settings for rooms and devices in the comfort of your remote location, thanks to unprecedented IoT capabilities normally not found in a room scheduling system.

Free-up time for the things that matter

Caters to Admins

What if you could get more done instead of being bogged down by complicated and time-consuming setup processes?

With GOGET, you can. Leverage smart technology that guides you through the process step-by-step and make it easy to get up and running in no time.

An interactive office map where users get an instant overview of the occupancy of the desks and rooms on the office floor.

With RDX’s powerful map view, users can easily see an overview of available meeting spaces and desks, allowing them to quickly look up and book rooms based on their seating and capabilities preferences.

The scroll-able clock widget in a meeting room display app, where users can find and book an available time slot.
Signature RDX widget

The RDX widget allows users to scroll through daily events and find an available slot in which to book a meeting. In addition, it features time sectors to visually represent the amount of time remaining.

The quick book feature in a conference room display app, where users instantaneously can book ad-hoc meetings.
Smart Quick Book

Makes it easy for users to instantly book an ad-hoc meeting. The system will suggest intelligence-based meeting slots based on the current booking situation, to optimize overall usage of a room.

Additional features

More ways to manage room bookings

Meeting space

Manage your meeting spaces from anywhere with GOGET. In addition to room booking panels, our powerful multi-level API integrations enable users to plan and schedule meeting spaces in a variety of ways.

On the go
via desktop
Outlook, GOOGLE & GOGET USER Dashboard
Centralized screens
Wayfinder with booking capabilities
Boosting top line with data

Drive better decisions with room insights

Thanks to GOGET’s powerful data engine, companies can gain a deeper understanding of how their meeting rooms are being used, which can help them to make informed decisions about room usage. For example, a company might use room insights to identify underutilized meeting rooms, which could then be repurposed or made available for booking by other teams.

The Goget One meeting room display. A professional grade display with an unbeatable price.
The perfect partner for Room Display X


A turnkey, plug and play room scheduler that includes GOGET’s hardware, firmware and system software Room Display X for unprecedented performance and minimal time for installation. Discover our GOGET One device with the specs typically required by businesses – and more. All at an unbeatable price.

Turnkey or BYOD?

A tablet running a conference room booking app showing the availability and calendar of a meeting room as well as the room capacity and equipment.
turnkey - easy. professional. affordable.

The easy, professional and most economic option. Easy, because everything is included in the box – just plug and play. Professional, because it comes with pro-features like PoE, LED bars and integrated wall mount. Economic, because it’s reasonably priced in the first place, and on top of that comes pre-configured which saves hours of labour in installation and maintenance.

A generic, consumer grade Android Tablet running GoGet's room booking app.
Bring your own device (BYOD) - Android

If you are not convinced about the benefits of the GOGET One turnkey solution – don’t worry. GOGET still caters to those DIYs out there who prefer to cherry-pick their very own favourite hardware/software/mount bundles and configure from scratch. It’s possible to install RDX on third-party devices running Android OS. For technical recommendations and instructions, please refer to the Help Center.

Room booking features & plans



For companies with basic needs and up to 5 rooms
For up to 5 rooms


For businesses in need of scalable hybrid workspace management ​
Unlimited rooms


For enterprise-grade hybrid workspace managment at scale!​
Unlimited rooms
Number of roomsUp to max 5UnlimitedUnlimited
Essential Room Booking
Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 integrations
Central admin dashboard
On-screen reservations
Check-in with auto room release
Organize rooms freely in companies/sites/buildings/floors/zones
Support by tickets
Room equipment
Room equipment with error reporting
Advanced Room Booking
Custom branding
Nearby rooms
QR scan
Room booking via mobile app (users required)
Interactive map views
Room analytics & insights
Add-ons available
Multi-tenancy calendar integrations
Export analytics data
Priority support within 12 hours
Dedicated Customer Success Manager

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Product Sheet

Getting Started & Technical Support

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  • How do you implement a room scheduling software?

    Implementing a room scheduling software is not complicated, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it's important to understand your organization's needs through a combination of employee interviews and utilization statistics. Second, make sure you understand the hardware requirements of the chosen software, as the wrong hardware can significantly impact the user experience and value of the software. Third, ensure that you understand how the software integrates with your email/calendar system.

    Finally, be sure to communicate the details of the software's implementation to your employees, including how to use the software and the hardware involved. Even if the software is user-friendly, it's important to ensure that your employees are trained and knowledgeable on its use for a successful implementation.

  • What are the benefits of a Room Booking Software for companies?

    A room booking software can help companies improve the utilization of their meeting rooms and provide decision-making support through workplace insights and room analytics. These features can help companies determine the optimal number of meeting rooms and better understand how their current rooms are being used. The software also improves efficiency and minimizes administration by allowing employees to easily book meeting rooms themselves, freeing up time for administrative staff.

    In addition, a room booking software helps prevent room theft by clearly displaying booked times and who made the booking. This helps reduce conflict between employees and ensures that booked rooms are not taken for spontaneous meetings.

  • What are the benefits of Room Scheduling for employees?

    Room Scheduling makes it easy for employees to find and book a meeting room that meets their specific needs, such as the number of seats, amenities, or required equipment. They can also make bookings from any location or device, whether it's in advance or for a last-minute, spontaneous meeting.

    This software also helps to reduce conflict between colleagues by ensuring that booked rooms are not taken by others and by offering the option of mandatory check-ins to claim a booking, which helps to reduce no-shows. Overall, Room Scheduling helps to streamline the process of booking meeting rooms and ensures that everyone has access to the space they need.

  • What should I look for in a Room Scheduling software?

    There are several factors to consider when choosing a room scheduling software. First, it should be easy to use and understand, with a clear and intuitive interface, and it should also integrate easily with your email/calendar provider. Second, it should be easy to implement and user-friendly, with the ability to make bookings from various devices, such as phones, tablets, laptops, or directly on the meeting room display.

    Other important features to consider include workplace insights and room analytics, mandatory check-in to increase room utilization, and the ability to filter and search for rooms based on amenities, number of seats, and equipment. Additionally, you should consider whether the software offers branding and customization options, as the meeting room displays can significantly impact the overall office experience.

  • What is a Room Booking software?

    A room booking software allows you to easily schedule and reserve meeting and conference rooms from a variety of devices, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets, as well as directly on the room's display. Ideally, the software integrates with email/calendar systems like Exchange/Office 365 or Google Workspace for a seamless and unified experience.

    In addition to booking rooms, many room booking systems also track usage and can be used to improve utilization by requiring employees to check in to their meetings, reducing no-shows. These features are essential for a successful transition to a hybrid workspace, where maximizing room usage, maintaining an overview of availability, and making bookings easy are key factors.


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