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Searching for an available meeting room can be a time-consuming task for employees, and various studies have shown that the modern workplace is becoming increasingly dependent on technology for collaboration and efficiency – that’s where a digital wayfinding system comes in.

Experience Wayfinder X, a digital wayfinding solution for a more productive workplace.

An office lobby where a visitor is looking at a wayfinder display to get an overview of the of the available workspaces and find his appointment.
Two screens displaying Goget's wayfinder app, where users can see an interactive map of an office, current and upcoming events and available meeting rooms.

Discover digital wayfinding like no other

Make it easy for coworkers and visitors to quickly get an overview of available workspaces, find their appointments with ease, and provide basic directions.
Overall, it’s a mandatory digital solution for the modern workplace.

Easily find the way to
ongoing & upcoming events

See available rooms/option to book "kiosk style"

Integrate interactive map views with live status for desks & rooms

Get an instant overview with workspace occupancy cards

Up-close with our dynamic UX approach

Around 3 Core Areas

Wayfinder X’s 3 core focus areas change dynamically based on the venue, maximizing information and eliminating redundancies. Even in busy and complex scenarios, our system can display the most important information without overwhelming the user.

events - ongoing & upcoming

Wayfinder X will prioritize and dynamically maximize its event section for what is currently happening and for upcoming events. The system includes directional arrows, room seating information, and distance indicators to provide extra details.

Real-time availability

The system shows which rooms are available in real-time, allowing users to book them ‘kiosk style’ with a simple tap. The section will dynamically adjust its size depending on the office’s occupancy level, ensuring ease of use even during busy periods

visual guidance - maps with live status

When enabled, the map view container will replace the list view of available rooms and instead provide an interactive map view with live status markers for rooms and desks. Users can tap on markers to quickly book a room or desk ‘kiosk style’, with or without the use of QR codes.

How to connect

Runs On Most
Media Players

Wayfinder X is a cutting-edge digital wayfinding solution with powerful, industry-leading capabilities. Like most powerful tools, it is designed as an Android native application. It can be paired with a pro-grade Android media player to provide a reliable and cost-effective solution.


A display showing the intuitive settings in the admin page of Goget's wayfinder app.

Highly configurable - industry leading ease of administration

Wayfinder X’s Workspace Picker streamlines the process of adding supported workspace types to a location-based structure, making it a hassle-free experience. This feature transforms an otherwise tedious task into a seamless one.

custom logo & immersive background
A display showing how users can customize their wayfinding app by adding their logo and changing to an immersive background image.
animated transition effects
A display showing the animated transition effect when scrolling through events on GoGet's wayfinder app.
Three cards showing how GoGet's wayfinder uses smart logic to show the number of available desks and rooms as well as the overall occupancy status of the workplace.
Occupancy cards

When enabled, Wayfinder X will show available rooms, desks and overall workspace occupancy using smart logic.

A digital wayfinder display showing the ongoing and upcoming events as well as available rooms in an office.
tap & book room

When enabled, users can tap available rooms to make ad-hoc reservations.

A QR-code desk booking is made on the interactive map feature in the Goget's wayfinder.
tap & book desk

Tap live desk status markers to view desk capabilities and authenticate bookings via the Goget app.

A wayfinder positions automatically being displayed on the screen because of Goget's location based workspace structure.
Auto location sync

Thanks to Goget’s location-based structure, your Wayfinder’s position will be automatically displayed on each screen.


Available on plans:


For companies who want control over their workplace.


For enteprises who needs more capacity across multiple locations.

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  • What are the benefits for companies with indoor wayfinding?

    Indoor wayfinding, in the form of digital wayfinding, will make it easier for companies to go hybrid, since the employees can quickly find their desks and meeting rooms. It also improves the experience for visitors to the office to find their way to their meeting room.

  • How can digital wayfinding improve your employee experience?

    Digital wayfinding systems can enhance the employee experience by offering a user-friendly interface for navigating a building. In a large office with many visitors, temporary consultants, and hybrid workers, digital wayfinding can eliminate the stress of not being able to find a booked desk or being late to a meeting because of difficulty finding the meeting room. In addition, digital wayfinding displays all available rooms, helping employees utilize the office space efficiently.

  • What is digital wayfinding?

    Digital wayfinding is a technology that helps people locate rooms or areas within a building. This can be done through a touch screen with an interactive map, for example. Digital wayfinding is particularly useful for visitors or employees who mostly work remotely, as it helps them find their way to their next meeting or destination within the building.


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