Meet GOGET One

A cutting-edge meeting room display that combines top-of-the-line software and hardware into one integrated solution.

Experience seamless integration and top-notch performance, all in one sleek and easy-to-use package.

A tablet running a conference room booking app showing the availability and calendar of a meeting room as well as the room capacity and equipment.
The all-new GOGET One meeting room display

This is GOGET One.

Introducing GOGET One – the cutting-edge conference room display that combines top-of-the-line software and hardware into one integrated solution.

This launch signals a new chapter for GOGET, as we reaffirm our dedication to facilitating collaboration and enabling a seamless transition to hybrid work. This commitment extends beyond the present moment and into the future, ensuring that people can come together and achieve great things with ease.

Thin & Light

Vibrant Signature LEDs

Easy Connection & Installation

FCC Certified

A clean installation of a meeting room display in a smart wrap around mount with convenient multi-way cable routing.
Flexible Mounting

The intelligent wrap-around mount enables convenient routing of cables in multiple ways. No matter the space limitations, the installation will always appear neat and professional.

A meeting room display using power over Ethernet as power supply.
Power-over-ethernet as standard

The built-in Power over Ethernet (PoE+) feature combines power supply and network connection in a single cable, allowing for easy installation. Additionally, AC power is also available as an option for those who prefer it.

A tablet running a conference room booking app showing the availability and calendar of a meeting room as well as the room capacity and equipment.
Vibrant LED Lights

Signature LED light bars with 90 degree viewing angle allows users to clearly see the room status from both the front and sides.

An animation of how a meeting room display closely hugs it's wall mount for a sleek and clean installation.
Thin & Light

Our design team has meticulously crafted the device with every angle and curve to achieve a thin, sleek look that seamlessly integrates with your office interior.

A meeting room display being mounted in first in landscape and then portrait mode.
Flexible mounting

GOGET One’s responsive layout works seamlessly in both landscape and portrait mode. The integrated wrap-around mount (optionally VESA 75) can be mounted accordingly, depending on space requirements.

A clean installation of a meeting room display on a glass wall with the help of an adhesive pad.
Glass mounting

GOGET One comes with a mounting kit that makes installation easy on all types of walls, including glass. The included dark adhesive pad minimizes the visual impact inside the room by creating a natural shadow effect that matches the device.

The content of the delivery box of a meeting room display: the display unit, wrap-around mount, adhesive pad for glass walls and a power adapter.
all you need is in the box

In the box:

  • Display unit
  • Wrap-around mount
  • Adhesive pad for glass walls
  • Switching power adapter
  • Quick Start Guide

The Specs You Require and More

GOGET One meeting room display is designed for business performance and include specs typically required for business operation. Highlights include PoE, our extra-wide, signature vibrant LED lights and a smart, integrated wrap-around mount for easy installation on all types of walls. A matte white, rubber-like paint highlights the attention to details. So not only does the unit look good, it is also soft to touch.

Soft-product features

Syncs with your existing systems

Built in support for the most modern and used email calendar systems – Exchange, Microsoft 365, Teams & Google Workspace.

Purpose-built firmware inside

The combination of optimized firmware and scheduling software working together delivers true value and functionality that cannot be achieved by any non-purpose-built conference room display.

Room check-in & auto release

Improve the efficiency of your meeting spaces by enabling reservation check-ins and no-shows cancellation at the meeting room display.

Remote device management

Manage all your meeting room displays (with full remote management) from one location via the web-based administration portal Goget Dashboard. Enjoy full control and manage your devices from the comfort of your remote location.

Map views & nearby rooms

See and manage bookings for other rooms in your workspace, right at the conference room display. Find and filter rooms based on capabilities and custom tags, via list views or interactive maps.

Room Analytics

When optimizing facility utilization is crucial, GOGET One is the ideal tool. Its built-in functions provide decision support, reduce no-shows, and help allocate time and resources more efficiently.


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Design: Goget proprietary

Color: Soft Touch White

Material: Plastic w. matte soft touch paint



GOGET Room Display X (on Android OS bootup)

Firmware: GOGET (pre-loaded)

OS: Industrial version of Android


PoE (Power-over-Ethernet), LAN, WiFi


Screen size: 10.1″

Resolution: 1280*800

Brightness: 300 nits

View angle: 170/170

Dimension: 265 x 171 x 29mm (10.43 x 6.73 x 1.14inch)

Weight: 710 g

Side LED indicators: Green/Yellow/Red


Physical button

Factory reset button: Yes

Power supply

Type: AC Adapter

Input Voltage: DC12V±5%

Power consumption: 2A

Output Connector: DC jack

PoE: Yes (PoE+); 24W


AC Adapter: DC 12V/2A

Fixations: Customized GoGet wall mount + VESA (75 x 75mm)

Certifications & Regulatory Approvals: CB, CE, RoHS, FCC, class A


Have a question?


  • Should I choose GOGET One or my own tablet?

    The answer to whether a consumer tablet or a purpose-built display like GOGET One is better for meeting room displays depends on several factors, including what options are available to you. Here are some points to consider when making your decision:

    Technical expertise: Configuring a consumer tablet for 24/7 operation can be a difficult task, requiring technical knowledge and expertise. In many cases, you will have to settle for "good enough" and accept the consequences, as there are key components in the firmware that you can't control that are necessary for optimal performance. Examples include kiosk mode, updates, and battery management.

    Features: Business features such as LED indicators, integrated mounts, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) are not available with tablets. All of these features are included with GOGET One, making it a more robust solution for your meeting room needs.

    Battery bloat: Power management of consumer tablets is not designed for 24/7 operation, which can lead to bloated batteries and ultimately make the device inoperable once the life expectancy in operational hours and expected power cycles have been reached.

    Cost: While tablets may seem like a cheap solution at first, when you add up the cost of necessary accessories such as mounting kits, licenses, and most importantly, the labor hours required for installation, configuration, and maintenance, tablets are actually less cost-effective than GOGET One

  • Is GOGET One a purpose-built room display?

    Yes, GOGET One is a purpose-built meeting room display created and manufactured by GOGET. But what exactly do we mean by purpose-built meeting room display? Essentially, it's a piece of hardware and software architecture that has been co-developed for the specific purpose of meeting room display, ensuring reliable and consistent operation. This architecture has been rigorously tested for thousands of hours, resulting in high quality, streamlined provisioning and installation, and minimal downtime - which can ultimately save many hours of labor compared to alternative solutions.

    In fact, compared to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) solutions such as tablets that are being used as meeting room displays, GOGET One is also more economical from a total cost of ownership perspective. While tablets may seem like a cost-effective solution at first, they often require additional accessories, complex OS configuration and software licenses to be fully functional as meeting room displays. This can add up over time and result in hidden costs that may not be immediately apparent.

  • What is a meeting room display?

    A meeting room display is a device that provides information about the availability and current usage of a conference room or other shared workspace. It is typically placed outside the room and shows information about the current and upcoming meetings scheduled for that space. Most meeting room displays also show a live view of the room's calendar, allowing employees to easily see when the space is available and when it is in use.

    In addition to displaying information about meetings, many meeting room displays also provide additional details such as the location of the room within the office, the capacity of the space, and the amenities available in the room. Some displays even allow employees to book a meeting room directly on the display. These devices are often connected to the company's calendar system and can be updated in real-time as meetings are scheduled or rescheduled.


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