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Map Views

Our workplace maps simplify your day at the office by making it effortless to find and book available desks and meeting rooms or see the location of your next meeting.

A smartphone showing a visual interactive map of an office floor, where users can see available desks and rooms as well as their teammates desk bookings.
Maps at a glance

Situational awareness

Anyone familiar with modern workplaces knows the frustration of not knowing where to go or which workspaces are available.

We believe that interactive workplace maps play a crucial role in providing an excellent employee experience, where location and live status can be checked at a glance via an app, on screens outside meeting rooms, or large Wayfinder displays. Benefits include:

  • Informative across all products: Get live desk and room status by checking a map, or check a future timestamp.
  • Easy to manage: Upload your own map created from our map guidelines, or let us create the maps for you.
  • Flexible: Adapt and deploy map changes quickly without waiting for external service providers. Get started directly and make changes without depending on external service providers.
Visual interactive maps displayed on laptops, meeting room displays, desktops and wayfinder displays in an office.
A visual interactive map with live status marker showing the real time availability of rooms and desks in an office.
How it works

Map Guide

Goget maps are lightweight and full of impact. See our map view help center section for more details and recommendations.

How it works:

Multiple points of interaction

Check maps anywhere, anytime, any place

Access interactive maps through mobile app, room panels, user dashboard or large wayfinders placed in key areas of the workplace.

Check occupancy status at a glance and make on the spot reservations.

Find colleagues

Lay the foundation for a productive day

Facilitate smooth collaboration by allowing employees to easily locate their colleagues’ reservations in the map view and make reservations nearby.

Frictionless interaction

Create a welcoming workplace

Maps are built on advanced map visualization software, allowing users to easily navigate, zoom, and switch between floor plans no matter their location.

Enhance the workplace experience, by adding key points of interest such as cafeterias, restrooms, elevators and other facilities, helping visitors find the resources they need.

Multiple points of interaction

Maps from anywhere

A key factor for employees to embrace modern workspaces is the ability to quickly get an overview and make reservations to secure the right space at the right time.

Our platform provides multiple options to access interactive workplace maps making the workday a smooth and productive experience.

Airport or Office?

Make employees and guests aware of upcoming events and available rooms at the glance of an eye with the Wayfinder app.

Create a customized look and feel with dynamic maps that further improves communication and makes it effortless for everyone in the workplace to quickly locate their next destination.

A visitor using an interactive map on Goget's wayfinder app to find the way to his destination from the lobby in an office.
An interactive map of an office produced by Goget as a service for one of their customers.

Let us Help!

While Goget’s map views are super easy to manage we understand that sometimes its just easier to get help. This is why Goget offers map production as a service. A great way to ensure a professional look and feel, with proven UI components, Point of Interest and automatic light and dark mode processing across products.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to request a quote.

Map views

Available on plans:


For companies who want control over their hybrid work


For enterprises who needs more capacity across multiple locations.
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  • Can you find the location of colleagues on the map?

    There is a built-in feature to quickly locate colleages on the floor map. This feature is ideal for making sure that employees can find available desks next to colleagues they need to interact with thoughout the workday.

  • How do you add floor plan maps?

    Maps are based on a simple principle were the floor plan map itself is added in an image format. Thereafter interactive markers for eg room & desks are placed by drag-and-drop onto the floor plan. Adjusting the layout takes only a few minutes by simply uploading a revised version of the map and then simply drag the rooms & desks to their respective locations.

  • How can interactive office maps improve employee experience?

    In a hybrid work environment where employees may work from different locations within the office, interactive office maps can greatly improve their experience by enabling them to easily locate their reserved workspace. By providing real-time information on booking availability, these maps allow employees to quickly find an available desk or room and begin their workday without delay. This solution not only saves time and reduces frustration, but also allows employees to make the most of their time in the office.