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Conditions of Sale

End-User License Agreement (EULA)

This End-User License Agreement (EULA) is a legal agreement between the user (either an individual or a single entity) and Goget AB for the software product in this document, which includes Android software, web application and may include associated media, license subscription, printed materials and online or electronic documentation. The software also includes any updates and supplements to the original software provided by Goget AB. Any software provided along with a software that is associated with a separate end-user license agreement is licensed to a user under the terms of that license agreement. By installing, copying, downloading, accessing, unlocking or otherwise using the software, the user agrees to be bound by the terms of this EULA.

TRY BEFORE BUY Because software subscription sales are final, Goget AB lets you try the software before purchasing a license subscription. This should allow for sufficient time to make a purchase decision. If, during this test, the software does not perform as expected, users are advised not to purchase the product.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT The software is provided as is. Technical support will only be provided if time permits. Questions can be submitted through Goget AB’s website (gogetcorp.com).

RESTRICTIONS Except as authorized by the user documentation, users may not merge, modify or adapt the software in any way, including reverse engineering, disassembling, de-compiling, or attempting to enable features that are disabled. You may not loan, rent, lease, license or otherwise transfer the software or any copy of it to any third party outside of your organization. Users of non-Goget hardware are informed to strictly follow original manufacturer guidelines as such hardware is not in anyway connected to Goget AB.

COPYRIGHT All intellectual property rights in the software and user documentation are owned by Goget AB or its suppliers and are protected by Swedish and international copyright laws, other applicable copyright laws, and international treaty provisions. Goget AB retains all rights not expressly granted.

NO WARRANTY Given the nature of this right to use, Goget AB offers no warranty or other representations, either expressed or implied, with respect to the software, related user documentation or technical support, including their quality, performance, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. No Goget AB dealer, distributor, agent or employee is authorized to make any modifications or additions to this warranty.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY Because software is inherently complex and may not be completely free of errors, users are required to verify their work and make back-up copies. In no event will Goget AB be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, economic, cover or consequential damages arising out of the use of or inability to use the software, user documentation, or technical support, including, without limitation, damages or costs relating to the loss of profits, business, goodwill, data or computer programs – even if advised of the possibility of such damages. Some states or provinces do not allow the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties or the limitation of liability for incidental or consequential damages, so the above exclusion or limitation may not apply to you.

PRE-RELEASE CODE The software may contain pre-release code that is not at the level of performance and compatibility of the final, generally available, product offering. These portions of the software product may not operate correctly and may be substantially modified prior to the first commercial shipment. Goget AB is not obligated to make this or any later version of the software product commercially available.

TERMINATION Without prejudice to any other rights, Goget AB may terminate this EULA if users fail to comply with the terms and conditions of this EULA. In such event, users must destroy all copies of the software and all of its component parts.

For EU customers only Services subject to reverse charge. VAT to be accounted for by the recipient as per Article 196 of Council Directive 2006/112/EC

Customer name and logo Goget AB reserves the right to use customer names and logos for marketing purposes.

Price and volume discount

The prices on Goget AB’s home page are shown excluding VAT. Goget AB holds the right to change offered prices on its home page and in other publications without prior notice. Shipping charge is additional for every order in accordance with the applicable delivery conditions unless stated otherwise. Sales shall not be made to minors under 18 years of age. See a complete pricelist.
Adjusted prices will be applicable for additional purchases within existing subscriptions and renewals in accordance to the section below.

Subscription and renewals

The software is sold as a subscription with billing cycles of either 1- or 3-years. Any additional purchases during the billing cycle will be prorated towards the renewal date.
Subscriptions will auto-renew at the expiration date by which an invoice will be generated and the pre-selected payment form debited. To cancel the subscription kindly remove the pre-selected payment form or contact Goget support in advance.

Means of payment

You can choose between the following means of payment:

Card payment

As a customer you can always feel secure when purchasing in the admin dashboard with cards issued by VISA, Mastercard or American Express. We collaborate with Stripe which is certified according to the card industry’s stricter security requirement PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). Stripe serves as GoGet’s Payment Service Provider – you can pay with most major credit cards directly in our admin dashboard.
When you pay us with a card you are sent onward to a secure page with SSL certificate hosted by Chargebee, where you securely fill in your card data and carry out the payment managed by Stripe. After the payment is completed you are sent back to admin.gogetcorp.com were your subscribed items are available.

Bank transfer – Invoice

As a customer you also have the possibility to, after a review process by Goget AB, receive an invoice for bank wire transfer. To pay with an advance invoice you follow the instructions in the admin dashboard. An electronic invoice is sent to the e-mail address given by the customer and serves as an order confirmation. Payment is done with an ordinary bank transfer to a stated Bank Giro number (IBAN /BIC for international transfers) and is confirmed electronically when the payment has been registered in Goget’s system, which can take up to 7 bank days.
Allow up to 24 hours’ processing time for orders with invoice during normal working weeks.

Rules for handling value-added tax (VAT)

Payment excludes the national value-added tax applicable at each time.
In the following cases, value-added tax may not be added when paying:

  • The customer is a company with valid VAT number registered in the EU (excluding Sweden)
  • The customer is a company registered in a country outside the EU where GoGet delivers
  • The customer is an individual residing in a country outside the EU where GoGet delivers


Purchasing without VAT requires presentation of a valid VAT number and that the delivery address is located in the country where the customer is domiciled/registered. National value-added tax and fees may be added after delivery to a customer outside the EU. Goget may debit a customs handling fee of 80 USD excluding VAT per shipment which is exported to a country outside the EU. Company customers that wish to purchase without VAT need to submit a correct VAT number in the check-out process when paying with credit card, alternatively include in the billing address when using invoice as payment alternative. Individuals who wish to purchase without VAT may choose among the available payment methods. Reimbursement of VAT cannot be requested in retrospect.

Conditions of delivery

Goget uses primarily UPS as logistic representative, however other carriers may be used.

Delivery time
Software subscriptions paid online are delivered instantly in electronic form. The normal delivery for stocked hardware items is within 14 working days after receipt of an order. For goods that are not in stock but are manufactured directly upon an order, the delivery time is 4-10 weeks after receipt of an order. If a delivery cannot be made because the goods are not in stock or if it is delayed for other reasons, you receive a message to that effect at latest 30 days after you have made the order. Information on current stock status for the respective product can be retrieved by submitting an inquiry on www.gogetcorp.com.

Freight cost
The freight cost varies depending on the product, weight, method of delivery, and delivery address. The exact price is given when the goods are ordered.

Method of delivery
Electronic delivery
Software licenses paid online are normally delivered instantly in electronic form after being reviewed.

Package delivery
Single orders of hardware units are covered by package delivery. When the product/products have arrived at UPS you may be notified regarding the delivery day and time window. Delivery takes place on weekdays.

Pallet delivery
Large orders of hardware are normally delivered on EUR pallets. When the product/products have arrived at the local terminal you may be notified by telephone or email regarding the delivery day and time window. Delivery takes place on weekdays.

Transport damage
If the product has damage that is visible upon delivery, this must be reported directly to the carrier/driver. Thereafter the damage must be reported to Goget’s customer service by sending a message to support@gogetcorp.com. If we are to approve a claim, the packing must be checked as soon as you receive the product. Always save the packing for possible claims against the shipping agent.

Guarantee and Right to complain

Guarantee and Right to complain
Goget’s hardware (Goget software products are covered in the EULA) products are sold with one (1) year’s guarantee. The product guarantee covers only original faults, i.e. faults that were in the product upon delivery. These faults must be verified by Goget AB, from which you as customer receive a cost-free repair, or alternatively a new product of same or equivalent model and compensation for possible freight costs. If the product does not have a guarantee fault we are entitled to debit you for the cost of investigation. If the fault has been caused by erroneous installation, assembly, faulty handling or the like, you are debited for repair costs.

The product guarantee does not apply to faults that arise during or after your own change of the product’s function and appearance, such as rebuilding, upgrading or other configuration of the product.

Your order confirmation or receipt is valid as proof of guarantee. Keep this document since it is required if the guarantee right needs to be exercised.

Note that the right to complain does not apply for companies.

Payment security

You can always feel safe when you deal with Goget.

Payment security
When dealing with Goget you as a customer are offered secure card payment with VISA, MasterCard and American Express in collaboration with our Payment Service Provider Paypal Business. When the card payment takes place, you are sent onward to a secure page where your card data are securely filled in and the payment is made. Through this procedure Goget AB never handles your card data.

Personal data
When ordering products you state personal data such as name, billing address and personal number. At the same time you approve our saving your data so as to be able to fulfil our undertakings with you. In addition, we document certain communication which we have via e-mail so as to give you greater service and to assist follow-up of business.

For further details on how your data is used and stored, see our Privacy Statement

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