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How Can WorkTech Improve Workplace Collaboration and Productivity?

Curious to learn more about WorkTech? In this blog, we’ve detailed how it can improve workplace collaboration and shared how to use it to your advantage.

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  1. Benefits of Workplace Collaboration as a Result of WorkTech
  2. 7 Types of WorkTech to Inspire Collaboration

Collaboration is imperative. It’s the driver of creativity, productivity, and ultimately, business success. So, employers should do everything they can to encourage it in the workplace – and that includes a hybrid workplace.

Benefits of Workplace Collaboration as a Result of WorkTech

  1. Enhanced Creativity
    When employees work independently, they may dismiss an idea because it’s “not good enough” or “not relevant”. But workplace collaboration encourages all employees to get involved and share ideas that may otherwise be overlooked or simply not spoken about. When this happens, everybody’s creative ideas merge into one as employees bounce off each other’s contributions. Planting just the seed of a concept can inspire endless ideas to blossom.

  2. Faster Execution of Ideas
    Anyone can conjure up a fantastic idea, but very few can execute it alone. Perhaps they lack expertise in a certain area or they simply don’t have the right skills to make it happen. With more than one person working on a task, everyone has a specific job to fulfil based on their greatest strengths and skills. Thus, the idea comes to fruition much quicker than it would have had the team been working independently.

  3. Greater Sense of Community
    Working independently can have positive effects on employees. For example, it provides a great opportunity to work on their problem-solving skills and take full responsibility for the projects at hand. But when teams come together, it reinforces the sense of community that can fade away when working independently – especially in a hybrid workplace. When employees connect, share ideas, and open up to one another, they can lean on their coworkers for support and encouragement, reaching success together.

  4. Improved Employee Experience
    There’s no denying collaboration builds a sense of belonging and helps employees to feel more trusted and respected. This is enough to put a spring in anyone’s step. A study by Zippia even revealed collaboration decreases the likelihood of burnout and stress, which no doubt has a positive impact on motivation and productivity.

  5. Personal and Professional Development
    Workplace collaboration means coming together with individuals who have varying knowledge, skills, and strengths. Therefore, employees can feed off that and develop themselves professionally. But working as a team also helps employees to develop personally. For instance, they may feel a greater sense of confidence and self-belief as their team provides constant encouragement. This can prompt them to step outside their comfort zone more often, building on talents they didn’t know they had.

However, 39% of employees say people within their organisation do not collaborate enough. So, in this blog, we’ll tell you how innovative WorkTech can improve collaboration and productivity for the better. Plus, we’ll share 7 ways you can implement top-class tech solutions in your business.

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7 Types of WorkTech to Inspire Collaboration

  1. Virtual Meeting Tools
    If you maintain a hybrid work policy in your organisation, you can expect many employees to favour working remotely. Therefore, you need to ensure they have the right WorkTech to support collaboration no matter where they are. Luckily, there are endless virtual meeting tools to support team calls, such as Slack, Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype. Although it’s equally important to get your team kitted out with devices boasting high-quality video and audio capabilities for seamless collaboration.

  2. Conference Room Reservation
    If your teams struggle to find a time and a place to hold meetings in the office, investing in conference room booking software is a brilliant solution. Goget’s Room Display X shows all the available meeting rooms in the office complete with their amenities and allows super quick booking via a few simple taps. You can enable reservation check-ins for greater efficiency, plus it’s easy to view all the meeting attendees in one place. And thanks to effortless syncing with your organisation’s calendar software, meeting attendees will never double-book.

  3. Virtual Brainstorming
    During a face-to-face brainstorming session, you can expect ideas to come thick and fast, with contributions from all attendees. But how can you achieve the same results with a hybrid workforce? Virtual brainstorming WorkTech is your best bet. Alongside video or audio calls, it’s helpful to have somewhere to jot down notes and ideas that are visible to everyone in the session.

  4. Desk Booking Software
    Virtual collaboration can be effective, but face-to-face communication cuts out technology barriers such as poor connection, builds stronger relationships, and boosts participation. Goget provides top-class desk booking software, making it easier than ever for employees to come into the office. Thanks to a digital map of your office space, they can select a desk based on where their team is sitting. And this is all possible from their phone, so they can book a last-minute desk space from anywhere for impromptu collaboration sessions.

  5. Digital Communication
    Sometimes, teams may need to communicate about a project or task, but it’s unnecessary to connect face-to-face – be it virtually, or in the office. Digital communication tools, such as email and instant messaging, are a great WorkTech alternative.

  6. Centralised Files
    Although it’s not the most obvious form of WorkTech to improve collaboration, having centralised files will certainly simplify the way teams work together. This is because when all employees have access to the same information, it’s far easier to carry out tasks and projects as everyone is on the same page.

  7. Wayfinding and Digital Signage
    Especially for employees who spend most of their time working remotely, coming into the office can be a daunting prospect. So, why not make their on-site visits as streamlined and easy as possible? Goget’s range of products not only provides hassle-free conference room booking and desk booking software but enables you to create digital signage. Here, you can display the meeting room details and provide instructions to find the space within the office. Think WorkTech could help your teams level up their workplace collaboration efforts and improve productivity? Visit the Goget website to check out our full range of products, from our conference room booking tools to desk booking software.

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