A complete step-by-step guide to start using Booking Kiosk Pro

To start configuring your software you need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Register an account

  1. Register for a user account at https://www.roomdisplaycenter.com
  2. Select “Booking Kiosk Pro” in the Get Started Guide
  3. Activate licenses
    • (New Users) Press “Redeem this Voucher” to activate one full 14-day trial license key
    • (Existing Users) Go to “License Voucher -> Redeem Voucher” and enter your voucher key number to activate licenses
  4. You will now receive units under “Units -> Booking Kiosk Pro”

Step 2: Configure units

  1. Click the cogwheel symbol for the unit to start configuring it.
  2. Follow the guide. Note that for all settings there is a question mark symbol with further information.
    • Change the “Display Name” field. Often it is recommended to use the company name
    • Bookable rooms are added under “Rooms Nearby”. Note that you need licenses for each bookable room.
    • Continue configuring the various options. If you need further information, press the question mark symbol next to each option. When you are finished press “Save”

Step 3: Download app & connect devices

  1. Download Booking Kiosk Pro software either from Google Play or directly to your device.
    For Room Finder: https://www.roomdisplaycenter.com/download/BookingKioskPro.apk
  2. Start the application, pair device by using your Room Display Center account details
  3. Select your unit (name of the Booking Kiosk Pro) from the list
  4. Settings will now be downloaded to the unit and you are all set up!


If you experience problems during the setup, see the points below or go to our FAQ: https://gogetcorp.com/support/#FAQ