Room Finder 2
Meeting Room Wayfinding with Content Board

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Room Finder 2
Meeting Room Wayfinding with Content Board

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Get the big picture

All-new Room Finder software for Room Display 6 is a professional, modern and cost-effecive wayfinder (area display) solution ideal for offices with multiple meeting rooms. It displays easy-to-read meeting room information and directions for all visitors and meeting attendees on LED-TVs in reception areas, lobbies and other office areas. It enhances and supplements the GOGET Room Display system.

  • Wayfinder/area display solution for meeting rooms
  • 2-3 times cheaper than comparable alternatives
  • Quick implementation
  • Combine with Content Board Digital Signage

Easy meeting finding

In a workplace with multiple meeting rooms, Room Finder software provides visitors and meeting attendees with wayfinding arrows and up-to-date meeting information at a glance, including: room name, availability, meeting title and host name. This helps meeting attendees to quickly identify the correct meeting room or alternatively a quick guidance to an available room resource.

Easy to use and manage

Room Finder software is hardware independent and can be run on most Android media players connected to a large display such as an LED-TV. Large Android touch screens can also be used. Room Finder integrates seamlessly with Room Display 6 in Room Display Center, where meeting room displays are already connected to the company’s Exchange or Google Calendar system – no further calendar integration or configuration is needed – so installation and configuration is very minimal. The wayfinding system can be freestanding or wall-mounted, placed vertically or horizontally and has simple cabling, network and power requirements.

Content Board
Room Wayfinding with Digital
Signage Lite

Having room availability on the big screen, is by itself a progressive leap towards a better room usage regime. However, with all-new Room Finder 2, we are introducing the industry-first feature Content Board, which will enhance the experience even further. In a nutshell, Content Board is Picture-in-Picture Digital Signage Lite. You can supplement your meeting room wayfinder system with powerful signage boards in just seconds. Content Board in Room Finder 2 is ideal to efficiently visualize and distribute information to co-workers, such as business dashboards, floor mapping, PAs and social media feeds. Only your imagination sets the limits.

hybrid workplace
hybrid workplace room finder
huddle rooms

Ideal for

  • Business Dashboards
  • Public Announcements
  • Web Content
  • Static Images (Infograms, Menus)
  • Notice Boards
  • Weather Widgets
  • Slide Shows (eg Google Slides)
  • Floor Maps
  • Social Media Feeds

Content Board for Room Display 6 is already available in your Room Display Center admin console. See detailed information.

Features & benefits include:

  • Cost-efficient wayfinding/area display for meeting rooms
  • No need for additional server software, plug-ins or add-ins
  • Can be run on most Android media players/boxes and screens
  • Centralized admin via Room Display Center (web based)
  • Same system support as for Room Display 6
  • Display seating & room amenities (with icons)
  • Language support: most languages
  • Landscape/portrait mode; combine with a floor map image
  • Highly customizable with branding capabilities (event info, welcome text, colour background image, logo)

Technical requirements

  • Android media box (Quad Core, min 2GB DDR3) with Android OS 5-
  • Large display, eg an LED-TV
  • Room Display 6

  • Syncs with your
    existing systems

    Built-in support for the most modern and used email calendar systems – MS Exchange and Google G Suite.

  • Company

    Customize event info, colour background image (eg floor map), logo, and much more. Creating a professional looking office space has never been easier.

  • Room

    Categorize & vizualize rooms based on eg floors.

  • Content 

    Picture-In-Picture digital signage viewer for eg business dashboards. Categorize & visualize rooms based on eg floors.

  • Central

    Manage all your wayfinders (full remote management) from one location – via the web based administration console Room Display Center. Ideal for small to large organizations.

  • Updated
    UI design

    Improved visibilty and clarity, while enabling up to twice as much room visualization.

  • Seamless

    Room Finder integrates seamlessly and effortless with most IT-environments. It works inside (local solution) or outside a company’s network (firewall).

  • More

    When effective facility utilization matters, Room Finder is the right tool to use. Built-in functions can help you with decision support, and reduce no-shows and use time and resources more wisely.

Media Player for GoGet Room Finder digital signage

Media player

This industrial grade Android media player has been selected by GOGET and fulfills all requirements for stable operation with Room Finder software. It offers a wide range of connection ports to suit most displays and network equipment.

Technical Specification
Professional, industrial grade Quad Core 2GB DDR3 Android 7 1 x HDMI 1 x RJ45 + wifi 3 x USB Room Finder pre-installed
Media Player for GoGet Room Finder digital signage

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