Room Display v4.0.20

-Added “mute” option under General Device Settings. When applied, this will turn system speakers off.
-Added fix for units that sometimes logs out
-General fixes and performance imprevements.

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Room Display v4.0.19

-Added more logging possibility to catch problems during login
-Fixed issue with units logging out
-Fixed issue with language selection not working
-General performance enhancements

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Meet us at ISE 2015, Amsterdam

We will be participating at ISE 2015 trade fair in Amsterdam on February 10-12. Interested in becoming an authorized Goget distributor/reseller or wish to have a live demonstration of our new product Room Sync? Feel free to visit us at stand 8-E338 or book a meeting in advance by

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Room Display v4.0.16

-Changes so that default debug log is stored on disk
-Added option to store debug log to memory
-Layout fixes
-Updated Messaging Platform to latest version
-Smaller bug fixes and enhancements

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Room Display v4.0.15

-Fixed UI looks
-Added a Beta Button (under General Settings -> Device Settings) this will allow you to always get the latest when we test new features
-Minor bug and enhancement fixes

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Room Display v4.0.14

-Added Battery/Charging Level Logging
-Added loggin during NightScreen Mode
-Minor code updates and refactoring

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Room Display v4.0.13

-Added option to use a more minimised Room Display logo (enable under “advanced” in RDC)
-Added Edit/Quick Book icon in “Busy” view.

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Room Display v4.0.12

-Fixed an issue with threads handling
-Fixed support for Android 5 on rooted devices
-Updated Kiosk Mode Rooted menu with better support

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Android 5 and Room Display 3/4: Do not upgrade yet!

Google have now releases Android 5 and we guess many of you are eager to try it out. However, we would however you not to upgrade. There are two issues found this far, one with normal Kiosk Mode and one with Kiosk Mode rooted.

Kiosk Mode normal
In Android 5.0 comes with a new type of notification board. This new notification area will lock the screen and allow users to eg disable wifi and put the device into Airplane mode. You can also reach device settings from here. This will however bring up the PIN mode.



Kiosk Mode Rooted

If you have used SuperSU 2.20 you will not be able to use features in Room Display to lock the device down. Beta 2.22 will not work. The problem is located in Android – PM app crashes when in SU mode. We will continuously look for a solution and release it once done.


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Room Display v4.0.11

-Made settings stored in Android encrypted
-Removed Night Screen toggle from Room Display logo
-Added option to start Night Screen from Device Settings
-Added battery level logging
-Layout updates
-General bug fixes

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Custom Translation/Language Release

We have now released an update to Room Display Center and Room Display 4 and this Custom Translation/Language.
You can now with some simple actions create your own language for Room Display 4.

To create your own custom translation follow these steps:

  1. Login to Room Display Center
  2. Go to Add Translation
  3. Fill out a good name and description
  4. For each Box Single Words, Phrases and Warning Popup translate the fields you want (you do not need to translate them all)
  5. Save
  6. Go to the units you want to update with this translation and press edit
  7. Under Display Settings you will now find a new Settings “Language/Translation”
  8. Select your Translation and press Save
  9. Your unit will now reload and use the updated settings
  10. If you in the future make a change to your translation it will automatically send out the update to connected units
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Room Display Center: New setting – Focus on Meeting Title

We have added a new feature to both Room Display Center and to Room Display 4.0.10. Under “Advanced settings” you can  enable “Focus on Meeting Title”.
This will put the Meeting Title on top of the Organizer.

Remember that you need to enable “Show Title” and also if you are running Exchange you need to enable Title field on room Resources (see guide here).


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Room Display v4.0.10

-Added support for rooted Lenovo 4.4
-Added a new option to change focus between organizer/title (default is organizer)
-Added update support from Setup page
-Changed som wordings
-Added a button under General Settings -> General Device to launch Home button
-General improvements

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Unit Cloner in Room Display Center

Screen-Shot-2014-10-28-at-16.46.54-1024x664We have now released our Unit Cloner. You will find it right after you login in the menu to the left in Room Display Center!

To clone settings to your other units follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Unit Cloner
  2. Select Unit you want to copy settings from
  3. Select Unit(s) you want to load settings into
  4. Select field(s) you want to export
  5. Start cloning

Remember that this will overwrite your existing settings and you can not go back after exporting!

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Room Display 4.0.9

-Fixed issue when adding meetings it sometimes crashes
-Prepared app for our new Translation Module in Room Display Center (Soon to be released)
-General enhancements

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