Sneak peek coming release – Booking Kiosk Pro

Let us introduce your new office centerpiece, the all-new Booking Kiosk Pro from GoGet. Part info point, part revolutionary room and desk booking touch system, this system maximizes your staff’s flexibility through sensible workplace digitalization. Introduced with Booking Kiosk Pro is a new, smart way of booking – in your own name by using your existing key card. We call this Duplex Booking. No manual is needed – it is that easy.

Key features:
-Direct calendar API integration – no server software required
-Authentication (UUID via RFID/NFC or UUID via user PIN)
-Duplex event sync to user & room calendars
-Improved on-display catering requests
-Floor mapping
-Content Board – Digital Signage Lite
-Host meeting confirmation
-Host email reminders
-Filtering & tagging
-Room Amenities & seating

Use the Contact page to request more information and a free trial.