Android 5 and Room Display 3/4: Do not upgrade yet!

Google have now releases Android 5 and we guess many of you are eager to try it out. However, we would however you not to upgrade. There are two issues found this far, one with normal Kiosk Mode and one with Kiosk Mode rooted.

Kiosk Mode normal
In Android 5.0 comes with a new type of notification board. This new notification area will lock the screen and allow users to eg disable wifi and put the device into Airplane mode. You can also reach device settings from here. This will however bring up the PIN mode.



Kiosk Mode Rooted

If you have used SuperSU 2.20 you will not be able to use features in Room Display to lock the device down. Beta 2.22 will not work. The problem is located in Android – PM app crashes when in SU mode. We will continuously look for a solution and release it once done.